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Ahmednasir Reveals Exclusive Powers Given to Raila by Uhuru

Prominent Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has disclosed that President Uhuru Kenyatta may have given Opposition leader Raila Odinga exclusive powers during the famous handshake.

According to Uhuru’s legal counsel,Mr Odinga was given authority to fight the runaway corruption engulfing the country.

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This came after the Former Premier put corrupt officers on notice, warning that will not give refuge to those found culpable.

“Baba has “ostensible and apparent authority” from HE Uhuru @WehliyeMohamed @DonaldBKipkorir @makaumutua,” wrote the lawyer.

In a statement sent to newsrooms by his aide, Dennis Onyango, Raila assured Kenyans that the war on corruption was in full swing and he was firmly in support of the President’s plan.

“In line with his (Raila’s) agreement with the President, he will deny refuge to those accused of corruption, and who try to hide behind parties and communities when they are accused,” read the statement as seen by Daily Nation.

Mr Odinga gave the statement shortly after meeting a delegation of Kikuyu elders who paid him a visit in the ‘spirit of handshake.’

The elders lauded Raila for his ceasefire agreement with President Uhuru and further asked him to fight graft and eliminate hate among communities.

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Last month, Raila insisted that his energy was directed at uniting Kenyans and bringing about reforms through his pact with the President rather than focusing on 2022 politics.

He called on Kenyans never to be destructed by 2022 politics and instead remain focused on the key agenda he and Uhuru had set in the ‘Building Bridges’ initiative.

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