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Contradicting Reports emerge on the Death of Nyamira Governor’s Son

[Mr. Ndemo Nyagarama in Nairobi Hospital. He succumbed to acute meningitis on Monday.Photo/]

Despite earlier information that Ndemo Nyagarama, the first born son to Nyamira County boss John Nyagarama, died from acute meningitis, Council of Governors chair Josephat Nanok has issued a contradicting statement.

Ndemo,44, died on Monday evening after months in Nairobi Hospital where he had been admitted in ICU.

According to close relatives of the deceased who spoke to The Star in anonymity,Mr Ndemo had experienced chest pains and difficulty in breathing, resulting from acute meningitis.

“He could not breathe with ease and has been complaining of chest pains. The situation was not good at all. Let him rest in peace,” the family member, who spoke in confidence, said.

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But a statement by Council of Governors chair Josephat Nanok, indicated that Ndemo had died of cardiac arrest.

“The Council of Governors would like to send condolences to Governor John Nyagarama following the demise of his son.

“Mr. Ndemo Nyagarama succumbed to heart attack and we pray for our colleague this trying moments,” read the statement.

Statement by CoG Chair Josphat Nanok (Twitter)

Earlier on, Nyamira Deputy Governor Amos Nyaribo had also released a statement indicating the governor’s son succumbed to acute meningitis in his statement.

Until his death, Ndemo was a renowned entrepreneur and a strategist who helped his father successfully defend the Nyamira seat.

This comes barely a month after Governor Nyagarama was flown to the US for specialized treatment over failing limbs.

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Family sources said the ailing Governor is expected to jet back to the country next week for burial arrangements of his son.

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