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CJ Maraga Speaks For The First Time After The Petition Judgement.Kenyans Reply back [Image]

For the better part of yesterday fake news about Chief Justice David Maraga allegedly responding to criticism from President Uhuru Kenyatta and his DP William Ruto has been circulating widely on social media.

The alleged response by the CJ has been praised and loathed in equal measure by social media users from across all the political divide,with little knowledge that the response has not been from the CJ himself.

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Here is a screenshot of how the fake post read;

A fake post alleging to be CJ Maraga in a presser responding to President Uhuru’s criticism circulated on social media. (Source:Facebook)

Mkenya Forums, however, can authoritatively confirm that the above response is nothing short of lies and malice aimed at tainting CJ Maraga’s image and integrity.

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Justice Maraga has now come out to clear the air on the presidential petition judgement hoping to put minds of Kenyans at rest until the full verdict is read out.

Here is what Maraga tweeted today about the fake news and photos circulating on social media,i quote;

“Please not i’ve made no responses to comments on our Petition judgement,contrary to statements circulating on social media.Ignore them”,read his post.

Here is a screenshot of the same;

Chief Justice David Maraga’s tweet (Twitter)

Here are Kenyans’ responses;

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