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Details of the new Speacial office created by Uhuru,Raila after Talks

President Uhuru Kenyatta ,together with National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga on Friday agreed to establish a joint office set to oversee the implementation of the key common objectives for the two leaders.

Speaking after a closed-door meeting at Harambee House,President Kenyatta indicated that the speacial office will be run by a retinue of advisors headed by Lawyer Paul Mwangi (from Raila’s camp) and Ambassador Martin Kimani (from Jubilee).

 “His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta and His Excellency Raila Odinga have agreed to roll out a programme that will implement their shared objectives.

They have mandated both Ambassador Martin Kimani and Mr Paul Mwangi to oversee the establishment of this programme. An official launch shall be held soon,” read a joint statement signed by the two leaders.

During their two-hours meeting , the duo outlined devolution, ethnic competition, inclusivity, divisive politics and  security as among the key challenges that Kenyans need to overcome as they forge ahead.

Before the talks,there was speculation that plans were underway to table a Bill in Parliament to expand the Cabinet to accommodate Raila’s interests, but this could not be ascertained.

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Sources said that Mr Kenyatta had been advised that the sharp divisions in the country were becoming entrenched and would completely massively obliterate his legacy.

There were also concerns that the unending politicking was also taking a toll on the economy.

Mr Odinga, who had vowed to fight for electoral justice, was also wary that his co-principals were scheming to isolate him by secretly accepting to work with the government. He beat them to the tape.

One thought on “Details of the new Speacial office created by Uhuru,Raila after Talks

  1. George Bush Otieno

    Congratulations to you Mr President Vs Mr Odinga for reconciliation made at last you have made Kenyans know that unity, harmony among other virtues supersede personal interests

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