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The Deadly Officer Who Served Wanjigi With Court Orders

There was drama on Wednesday afternoon after heavily armed flying squad officers attempted to serve businessman Jimi Wanjigi with a court order in the Nairobi CBD.

The plain-clothed officers in four vehicles blocked Wanjigi’s vehicle and ordered him out but he declined to open the car, causing drama along Prof Wangari Maathai Road.

In one viral photo circulating on social media,the officer is seen at a previous crime scenes,dressed in the same checked short-sleeved over-sized shirt and a grey trouser with side pockets.
Past crime scene of flying squad officers manning a crime scene,after having gunned down suspected thugs | PHOTO COURTESY

The presence of this fiery looking officer has sparked the conversation of extra-judicial killings,with many speculating it could have been worse for Wanjigi if he had chosen to open his car door.

The cops eventually pasted the summons on the windscreen of his car and left.

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This caused a massive traffic snarl-up in the area as the stand off ensued.

According to eye witnesses, traffic flow was stopped before the officers emerged and surrounded Wanjigi’s car.

Here is a video and photos of the cop at the scene where Wanjigi was momentarily impounded;


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