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A Dissenting Supreme Court Judge Spent The Whole Day at State House-Raila’s 411

NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga has stated what could be the most controversial claims ever since the Supreme court chose to annul President Uhuru Kenyatta’s win of August 8th.

The opposition chief has alleged that one of the Supreme Court judges ,spent the better part of last weekend at State House.

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In a statement to the press at the Okoa Kenya headquarters on Friday,22nd September,Mr Odinga claimed that one of the judges who dissented from the majority’s decision to revoke Uhuru’s win had been invited to State House on Saturday by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

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“Talking of the ruling by the so-called dissenting judges, we challenge Uhuru Kenyatta to deny that one of the dissenting judges spent all Saturday at State House at his invitation in a celebration of the dissenting ruling ahead of its delivery,” he dared as quoted by The Star.

The two who disagreed with the majority’s ruling are Justice Jackton Ojwang’ and Lady Justice Njoki Ndung’u .

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Disclaimer:Mkenya Forums could not independently authenticate Raila Odinga’s claims.

The opposition coalition maintained their initial stance that they won’t participate in the upcoming poll until their ‘irreducible minimum’ demands are met.

The repeat poll is slated on 26th October,which coincidentally happens to be Uhuru Kenyatta’s birthday.


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