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Don’t Dictate us How to Express Our Anger-Uhuru Responds to LSK and the Judiciary

President Uhuru Kenyatta has responded to the Law Society of Kenya and the Kenya Magistrates and Judges Association who criticized him for allegedly threatening the Judiciary and questioning its integrity.

LSK and KMJA criticized the President for making derogatory statements about the Supreme court judges.

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“We have noted the various interventions from stakeholders relating to the determination of the petition against the presidential election. All commentary is valid because there is immense public interest in judicial proceedings and outputs,” read part of the statement as quoted by The Star.

President Kenyatta said like other public institutions, the Judiciary is subject to national values, accountability and transparency in a democratic society.

“The recent decision by the Supreme Court is no exception. It has gratified many but also disappointed many. Just as no one has dictated how those happy with the decision celebrated it -including through indecent exposure in public,” he said.

Uhuru added, “No one should dictate how those disappointed with it should express their disappointment, anger, and dismay. Any attempt to guide reactions is unacceptable fascism and contrary to democratic freedom“.

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“This development, actively condoned by the Law Society of Kenya is indecent, immoral and dangerous to independence and neutrality of the Judiciary”, he said.

He insisted that LSK’s criticism is immoral,indecent and dangerous to the independence and neutrality of the Judiciary

According to him, the Judiciary was turning into an active political player,which is a vice that is not permitted by the Constitution or democracy.


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