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DP Ruto Is a Product Of Vitendawili..He Should Be Grateful-IDA Odinga (Video)

During an interview with NTV , Mama Ida Odinga said that The Deputy President,William Ruto to be grateful because he was nurtured politically by the NASA presidential candidate.

DP Ruto andthe opposition leader were close allies before they disagreed over a number of issues during the Grand Coalition government.

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According to Raila Odinga’s wife,DP Ruto was a product of Raila’s making, and it is those “vitendawili” ,he often mocks, that nurtured him.

The DP has been scorning Raila,calling him all manner of contemptuous names and most notably,he’s been referring to him as “yule jamaa wa vitendawili” in political rallies.

“….When you use ‘kitendawili’ or story telling, people pay attention, they want to hear what is coming next…….every time you go on stage,you start warning people,pointing fingers and insulting others … that is not leadership. People get scared of you. Look at the lighter side of life.Pass your message in a friendly manner…” Ida told Jane Ngoiri during her interview on NTV.

When asked about the presidential elections,she said that she’s prepared for any outcome but exuded confidence her husband, Raila,will win.

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Watch what Ida had to say about Ruto from 8:50 minutes into the video below,courtesy of YouTube/NTV Kenya;

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