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Envoy Speak After Raila’s Swearing-in

Eleven envoys led by US ambassador Robert Godec have finally broken their silence on the deteriorating political impasse in the country heightened by the swearing-in of National Super Alliance(NASA) leader Raila Odinga.

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Speaking on Sunday, the envoys said the Opposition-led by Raila Odinga- must accept that Uhuru and William Ruto are the legitimate President and Deputy President of Kenya.

“The Opposition needs to accept this as the basis for the dialogue that it and many Kenyans want,” Godec said in a statement signed by the 11envoys on February 11.

The former Premier has maintained that he does not recognize Uhuru as the President of Kenya ,maintaining to continue his push for electoral reforms.

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Godec has ,however, warned that ‘stoking and threatening violence’ are not acceptable nor are extra-Constitutional measures to seize power.

“Only Kenyans can resolve the country’s problems. We again call for an immediate, sustained, open, and transparent National Conversation involving all Kenyans,” he said.

He (Godec) also expressed his deep concern to the recent political developments in Kenya where the Government and the Opposition have taken steps that have undermined Kenya’s institutions.

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The Opposition Chief took the oath on January 30 as People’s President of Kenya, a move that sparked intense retaliation from the government.


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