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Exposed: How The Moi Girls Arson discussed and Planned in a 5-member WhatsApp group

Details have emerged that the Moi Girls High School atrocity was planned during the holiday on a five-member WhatsApp group extracted from the lead suspect’s phone.

According to the phone details seen by Capital FM News, the 14-year-old lead suspect was categorical that she intended to burn the school for a variety of reasons among them her hatred for the institution which she had been seeking to leave.

WhatsApp group details

Five girls,all student of Moi girls, discussed the incident in a WhatsApp group.

The suspect in police custody, according to the conversation was more vocal and seemed agitated than other members of the group.

“I will burn the school,” reads one of the messages.

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“I will burn the school because my parents refused to take me to (names of the school withheld). I want to do something that will shock them”,she adds.

The suspect is also said to have a passion for writing, a fact she has also admitted.

“She has been writing about magic and cults…disturbing material,” the detective told Capital FM News.

 Suspect saved friends

The suspect in police custody, the report reveals, called two of her friends and left the dormitory for safety.

One of her friends was near her bed while the other one was upstairs.

When asked why she didn’t raise alarm for the rest of her colleagues to wake up and rush outside, detectives say she said that “it did not occur to my mind at that point.”

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The dormitory had 336 students, a majority of them being form One students.

The school has since been closed for two weeks to facilitate more thorough investigations on the incident where 9 students lost their lives,more than 50 students were injured and two had 50 per cent burns.


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