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Ezra Chiloba Gives One Reason That Could Make Him Resign and Leave The IEBC

Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) CEO Ezra Chiloba has revealed the only reason that would make him resign from the electoral body ahead of the October presidential elections.

Speaking to the Daily Nation, Mr Chiloba revealed that he would resign if he was found solely culpable of electoral misconducts that took place on August 8th.

He also maintained that he had not been asked to resign from the commission as they were awaiting the full judgment from the Supreme Court.

“No one has been asked to resign. The position of the commission has been that we need to wait for the detailed judgment of the Supreme Court, audit ourselves and look at the areas for improvement, then we move from there. The question about resignation becomes difficult now because no one is able to tell where the responsibility lies unless you get the details,” he divulged.

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The young CEO added that the commission was majorly successful in holding a credible election,also given the fact that the Supreme court annulled Uhuru’s win on ground of irregularities and illegalities,it doesn’t directly translate to wrongdoing.

“Where you have irregularities and illegalities, these don’t necessarily lead to criminality. The latter means that you intentionally tried to play the system, and that was not the case in our handling of the election process.

“If anything, a lot that went right can be counted and is self-evident. We had 1,882 elective positions across the country and they went through the same process and, in more than 95 per cent, people were satisfied with the outcome,” he conveyed.

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He stated that IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati‘s Decision to form a project’s team was not a move to sideline him in the upcoming elections.

“We’ve always run our major operations under project teams, including voter registration, education, tallying center management and such. This isn’t a new idea, but how we operate within IEBC. What the chair was demonstrating to the country is that we are getting ready for the elections and this is how we operate.

“The team cannot work without the rest of us. From where I sit, this is a good idea, and we need to ensure that we ensure they are well facilitated and supported so as to give their best for the country,” he opined.

The IEBC CEO commented on the leaked memo that Mr Chebukati had addressed to him stating that he was looking into the issues that the chairman had raised about the August elections.

“We are looking at the issues raised in the memo and we will respond in the interest of the public. We will provide proper answers and explanations on the same. The commissioners have issued a response with regard to this memo and I don’t think it should now be a big deal for now,” he stated.


Conversation Source-Daily Nation

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