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Face and Identity of The Man Said To Have Hacked IEBC Servers-Raila’s Team Reveals

The National Super Alliance (NASA) team has revealed the identity and face of the man who allegedly tempered with the IEBC ICT infrastructure and servers on august 8th elections.

The alleged hacker is an Egyptian Engineer who goes by the name Bavly Farag.He is said to be working for a French firm Safran which NASA claimed was used to hack the IEBC transmission system.

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Farag is believed to have created an algorithm  that was used to temper with the proper transmission of poll results from the polling stations.

Reveling through their official telegram channel,the Nasa team also has provided a photo of Farag captioned by the writing below

“His name is Bavly Farag..he is responsible for developing the code with an algorithm to manipulate the results. He was here in Kenya before elections,” reads the message in a channel with over 30,000 members.”said NASA team attached by the photo below.

Bavly Farag, the man who allegedly hacked the IEBC servers (Courtesy)

This comes after Nasa Presidential candidate Raila Odinga reiterated that he will not take part in the October 17 repeat presidential poll unless IEBC officials accused of bungling August 8 poll are kicked out.

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Mr Raila on Tuesday claimed there was a fresh plot to rig the repeat election using partisan IEBC officials led by IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba.



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