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Fidel’s Last Message to Former Citizen TV Anchor Before Passing On

Former Citizen TV news Siren Kirigo Ng’arua opened up about her relationship with the late Fidel Odinga, son of NASA leader Raila Odinga.

In an exclusive interview with the Standard Digital Entertainment (SDE) ,the former TV personality revealed that she has a very narrow circle of friends and one of the person who happened to be in it was Fidel.

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She described her relationship with the Late Fidel as a very tight one, as they used to hang out a lot.

According to Kirigo she had spoken to Fidel and agreed to meet at a city Café for coffee, before he passed on.

 “I spoke to Fidel the day before he passed away. We were supposed to meet up that day. I was at the Artcaffe in Junction, and he asked me to meet him at the Artcaffe in Westlands, and I thought, I can’t leave one Artcaffe to go to the next one that would be ridiculous. So we put the meet-up off and planned for a later date. And then, he died.” Said Kirigo.

The sadness in Kirigo’s eyes, as she remembered Fidel, was still raw and visible during the interview.

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Kirigo further revealed what she and Fidel shared, their conversations, their text messages, the banter between her, her mother and Fidel.

 “Fidel and I shared so many things in our conversations, the text messages, the jokes between me, my mother and Fidel were just awesome” added Kirigo.

Fidel died in his father Raila Odinga’s arms in his residence at Bel Air Country Homes, off Miotoni Road, Karen, only hours after coming back from a night out in Westlands.

He died from suspected food poisoning.

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