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Finally:John KERRY,through its NGO,Speaks on Supreme Court’s Ruling

Former US Secretary of State John Kerry has finally issued a statement on the Supreme court’s decision to revoke President Uhuru Kenyatta’s win on August 8th Presidential election.

Being the co-leader of the Carter Center’s Kenya election monitoring team,John Kerry defended its election-monitoring assessments and praised the Supreme Court for “conducting an open and transparent judicial process”.

The US-based NGO stated it “affirms the observations and conclusions in its August 10 and Aug 17 statements”.

In its statement,shared by John Kerry, the election observer group noted that the election-day voting and counting process were smoothly but added that electronic transmission of the results had proved unreliable.

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A week after departing Kenya, the Center urged the IEBC to publish result forms transparently so that the integrity of the entire election process could be verified.

John Kerry praised the IEBC’s performance in a presser on August 10.

While on the same day,opposition leader Raila Odinga expressed disappointment with Mr Kerry’s role and that of other election observers.

The Nasa chief suggested that monitors had concentrated on the voting and tallying processes but not on the transmission of the results.

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The Carter Center said on Friday that it is now “incumbent on all Kenyans to accept the [Supreme Court] ruling and prepare for fresh elections”.

It also urged the court to “release its detailed ruling as soon as possible so that it can inform the new election process going forward”.

Here is the statement John Kerry shared on Twitter on behalf of the Carter center Kenya election monitoring team;

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