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Finally:Willy Mutunga Break His Silence After Supreme Court’s Decision to Nullify Uhuru’s win

Former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga has launched a scathing attack on the political elites following the Supreme court’s decision to annul President Uhuru Kenyatta’s win on September 1st.

The former CJ,who withheld Uhuru’s win during the 2013 Presidential petition,rebuked the head of state and Jubilee for criticizing the Supreme court’s ruling,terming their attack to the SCoK as a “betrayal by the executive arm of the state that ought to promote and protect their decisional independence and the independence of the judiciary as a whole.

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Writing his sentiment on Siasa section of The Star Newspaper, he also accuses losing political factions of blaming the Supreme Court in both the 2013 (CORD lost) and 2017(Jubilee lost) ruling.

“We have had two presidential elections in 2013 and 2017 with petitions filed challenging the victors in the two respective elections. The elite factions have used Mahakama ya Juu (the Supreme Court) as their political punching bag. Justice, according to factions, is only done when the apex court decides in their favour,” read his article in part.

Mr Mutunga also argues it is not difficult to have transparent elections.

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According to him,the IEBC must be thoroughly monitored in order to have a free, fair, peaceful, credible, and acceptable elections.Even if it means investing on CCTV cameras at polling stations or hiring an independent body to oversee the whole electoral process.

“Each faction can monitor the operations of IEBC without micro-managing it or dividing the staff and the commissioners,” he argues.

The former CJ says he was not pleased by CORD supporters for nicknaming him as ‘Chief InJustice’ but also by the applause he got during Uhuru’s swearing-in at Kasarani in April 2013.

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