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“Forget The Supreme Court Ruling!Raila’s Next Stop Is Spitting Kenya Into two..”,Mutahi Ngunyi

Renown Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi together with his team of critiques at the Fort Hall School of Government have predicted  Raila Odinga’s next course of action after the Presidential Election Petition hearing.

In their weekly analysis of trending topics in Kenyan politics, Prof Ngunyi and the Fifth Estate argued that the secession -a topic initiated by NASA’s head of strategy David Ndii- would be the opposition’s next move, regardless of  how the Supreme Court rules in the next few days.

“..This secession talk is a diversion,Raila is using it to divert the attention from the supreme court,maybe there is a bombshell he’s going to drop at the supreme court  but i highly doubt this…Raila is probably planning for something  after the supreme court petition,and splitting the country into two through secession is his last attempt at the Presidency..In my view that is his next stop after the Supreme court petition,” Mutahi observed.

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Mr Ngunyi,who came up with the “Tyranny of Numbers” hypothesis, cautioned that people should not be quick to call David Ndii names and also should not dismiss his sentiments.

“Maybe we should not be quick to dismiss David Ndii as an angry and ignorant voodoo expert.Similarly by accusing him as a Kikuyu intellectual from Kiambu who has mortgaged his morality to Raila is also wrong..  “,Mutahi said.

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Here is what he tweeted,captioned by the video (courtesy of YouTube) below;

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