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Wetangula’s Plea to Uhuru

National Super Alliance (NASA) co-principal Moses Wetangula has asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to dialogue with the Opposition in order to cool down the political temperatures.

Speaking in Bukokholo village, Sirisia constituency,the Bungoma Senator said the country was bleeding with problems and the only way out was to sit down and seek a political solution.

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“We want to cool down the political temperatures in the country which if not handled well will escalate into something else, Uhuru Kenyatta has no option but just this,” Wetangula said as quoted by The Star.

“Kenyans are murmuring and wondering the direction the country is going and unfortunately Uhuru does not see. This means he is not fit to be President,” he added.

Wetangula however condemned why the Jubilee government had resorted in using what he termed as barbaric means to tame the opposition.

He cautioned the government against withdrawing security details assigned to Opposition leaders stating that the move will not cower them from fighting for the rights of Kenyans.

“We can’t have a government which deprives leaders of their security details and allege everything was going on well,” Wetangula noted.

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The Bungoma Senator also stated categorically that the NASA coalition was intact and united as before.


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