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How Raila Plans to Use Uhuru Ahead of 2022-Mutahi Ngunyi Reveals

The Uhuru-Raila unity pact could significantly change politics in Kenya ahead of 2022,Controversial Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has theorized.

Voicing his opinion on his show known as the 5th State, Ngunyi noted that the former Premier wanted a new person to use in his prolonged bid to ascend to power.

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“What Raila is doing now is that he is going to Uhuru because he’s looking for a new person to use,” Mutahi stated.

“The question we need to ask here is this, who is cheating who in this constellation?” he posed.

Ngunyi also defended the NASA leader and commended his move to finally make truce with President Kenyatta.

“I have not defended Raila for three years now but today I have no choice. Those attacking him for meeting Uhuru are political vultures and we know them.hey have hovered over Raila’s head waiting for him to die politically so that they can feed on his carcass.” Ngunyi observed.

He further noted that: “They have hovered all over Raila’s head waiting for him to die politically, but Raila has outsmarted them. Now they are asking for an all-inclusive dialogue, yet the country knows that if Raila is in the dialogue the dialogue is all-inclusive. Raila is actually the dialogue, period.”

After months of political grandstanding, the duo agreed to roll out a programme that will implement their shared objectives for the benefit of Kenyans.

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President Uhuru and Raila pledged to work together and agreed to address tribalism, devolution, divisive elections, security, and corruption.

On Friday, Jubilee Party also affirmed their stand, maintaining that they would work with the opposition outfit for national interest.

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