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How Raila-Uhuru Deal Is Set to Benefit NASA Co-Principals

NASA leader Raila Odinga met his fellow co-principals on Monday to explain why he excluded them in the talks with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Daily Nation sources indicate that Odinga defended his move stating that the deal would benefit his colleagues in the long-run as they seek electoral reforms.

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He stated that working with the Head of State was the only way to forge changes between now and 2022.

“He felt that talking directly to the President was the most practical thing to do, given the circumstances,”  said a source, who described the meeting as initially “tense” and devoid of the pleasantries that have characterised previous Nasa get-togethers.

It is alleged that during the meeting, he made it clear he would not vie in 2022 and was laying a foundation for the other three co-principals who have an eye on State House.

According to the Standard,Mr Odinga informed the leaders he had requested the President to reinstate the security detail of all the co- NASA principals and MPs, and discharge those who had been indicted following his controversial January 30 inauguration.

After the meeting,the leaders,led by Musalia Mudavadi, had a brief press conference where they clarified they welcome constructive dialogue following their meeting as issues at hand are “extremely weighty”.

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“Let it be known that we support constructive dialogue to deal with problems … devolution, inclusivity, poverty, attacks on the judiciary among others … “Musalia said.

Mudavadi told the reporters that he could not divulge much information as time is needed to delve more into what the discussed.

“Due to the weighty matters, we shall give a ‘small’ briefing and will not take any questions for issues at hand are extremely weighty,” he said.

The Nasa principal said all affiliate parties will be briefed so they understand the developments.

He said a more elaborate address will be issued once all the parties give their input.


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