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This Is Where IEBC Lawyer Nyamodi Gave Contradicting Evidence-Miguna Miguna [VIDEO]

Former Nairobi Gubernatorial candidate Miguna Miguna has blasted IEBC lawyer Paul Nyamodi over his presentation of facts at the Supreme Court in the ongoing Presidential petition.

Speaking on NTV Kenya, Miguna admitted Lawyer Nyamodi is a brilliant lawyer but he was vague while presenting facts during his submission.

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“On one hand he tried to define a public portal and said that what was beamed on TV screens was not a portal.But then he said a portal was something else…and this something else was not displaying results and it was not displaying what the chairman called statistics,he called it data.But he did not say where this data is coming from..”, Miguna Miguna said

According to Miguna, lawyer Nyamodi contradicted his argument by admitting that his client (the IEBC) announced the Presidential results using Forms 34Bs yet most of the Forms 34 As were still out there.


“He said the results came from Form 34 As yet as of August 11th when the results were announced he acknowledged the National Tallying center had not received all the Forms 34As and infant 1000s were still outstanding but then the chairman announced the results using form 34Bs that could not be generated unless you had Forms As.. “,Miguna added.

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Miguna indicated further that,going by Lawyer Nyamodi’s second admission,the Judges should have poked and asked serious questions on his submission.

Here is the video,courtesy of NTV/YouTube;

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