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IEBC’s Latest Decision Rubs Uhuru’s Legal Team the Wrong Way in the Ongoing Petition

NASA leader Raila Odinga’s legal team demanded on Saturday during the Supreme Court pre-trial conference to be given original copies of Forms 34A and 34B claiming that the ones served by the IEBC were forged and lacked many security features.

The NASA legal team,led by Senator James Orengo requested the court to be given unfettered access to IEBC servers.

IEBC through their lawyer Paul Muite,accepted Mr Orengo’s demand to access the original forms 34A and 34B under the supervision of the Supreme Court. This is because he believed the IEBC had nothing to hide and the Forms could quickly be availed within the strict timelines.

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“We will make the originals available, there are here in Nairobi.. “, Muite promised before asking the petitioners not to waste more time arguing about the authenticity of the forms.

Uhuru’s legal team led by Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi were not happy with IEBC’s decision to allow NASA access original copies of Forms 34A and 34B arguing that this would prejudice his client.

“It is not a function of this court to help a party build its case”, Ahmednasir said as quoted by the Daily Nation.

“We oppose the application in its entirety.” Uhuru’s lawyer Fred Ngatia added,arguing that the respondents will have no time to scrutinize and respond to any new affidavits NASA would come up with.

Paul Mwite,however, opposed the second request citing that the petitioner would go on a fishing expedition into the electoral body’s system and furthermore that would be aiding them to fetch more evidence for their case.

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