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Investigators Reveal their findings on presence of Bomb in crashed FlySax Plane

Experts investigating the cause of the FlySax plane crash have filed report on their probe on whether the ill-fated aircraft was brought down by a bomb.

Bomb experts who dug through the remains of the plane at Aberdares forest on Monday for traces of explosive materials concluded that there was no evidence of foul play on the plane.

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During the exercise that lasted nearly three hours, they collected samples of fuel, laptop hard disks, power banks and parts of the plane from the wreckage.

Also at the scene were forensic investigators from DCI headquarters who searched for clues on possible causes of the crash.

The forensic examiners collected samples, incluing soft drink bottles to have tests on any consumbale materials found at the scene.

More samples will be picked from the bodies of the killed people during the postmortem.

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Kenya Civil Aviation Authorty (KCAA) officials are expected to join the investigations even though some officials  from the KCAA toured the site on Monday but failed to access the wreckage of the plane because of bad weather.

The FlySAX plane was on its way to JKIA from Kitale airstrip in Trans Nzoia when It lost contact with the JKIA air traffic controller at around 5pm on Tuesday last week.

This led to the crashing of the plane where 10 people,including 2 crew members,perished.

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