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How Jubilee’s Attempted to Influence Supreme court judges at a secret venue

Details have emerged that some people had made concerted efforts to influence the Supreme court’s decision before the six Supreme Court judges emerged to tell the anxious public of their decision concerning the presidential election petition on Friday at around 12 noon.

Four out of six Supreme Court judges on Friday nullified President Uhuru’s win by stating that the August 8th presidential poll did not meet the required constitutional and legal threshold.

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Justice Jackton Ojwang’ and Justice Njoki Ndung’u disagreed with the decision.

The decision by the other four judges to nullify Uhuru’s win wasn’t easy.

Credible Sources told the Daily Nation that CJ Maraga and Lady Justice Mwilu had made up their minds from outset,holding the opinion that the process matters more than the outcome and if the process wa wrong then the outcome was equally wrong.

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On the other hand, Justice Smokin Wanjala was haunted by criticism levelled against the bench he sat on in 2013 over the ruling that upheld Uhuru’s victory.

With Justice Mohammed Ibrahim indisposed, the focus by Jubilee operatives was to arm-twist Justice Lenaola to change his mind.

“The person who tilted the decision was Justice Lenaola.Had he allowed himself to be influenced, we would have ended up with a tie among the judges which would have meant that the results as declared by IEBC on August 11 stand”,former Law Society of Kenya CEO Apollo Mboya told the Nation.

Justice Isaac Lenaola | PHOTO COURTESY-Kenyan life

After concluding the hearings on Tuesday, the judges retreated to a secluded Nairobi hotel.Their hiding was compromised so they had to relocate to a secret venue within the city and agreed to switch off their phones.

However, that did not stop Jubilee-influential officials from pursuing them.

It is said that a Cabinet Secretary and two city lawyers visited one of the judges’ house in Nairobi on at least three occasions,with the agenda of conveying government’s position.

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From Daily Nation’s sources, the visits bore no fruits.

By Thursday afternoon, one of the judges is said to have leaked out information that things would not go in favour of the IEBC and President Uhuru Kenyatta, prompting more attempts to make the judges change their minds — targeting Justice Lenaola.

CJ David Maraga having made his ruling, there seems to have been a full-blown campaign by President Uhuru and his deputy to paint the Judges in bad picture.

Well that’s the story…

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