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How Justice Njoki,Ojwang’ Paralysed Operations Of The Supreme Court-Willy Mutunga

Former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga continues to reveal mind boggling details that transpired in the Supreme court, which almost crippled its operations.

in an affidavit sworn dated August 7,Dr Mutunga discloses how Justice Jackton Ojwang’ and Lady Justice Njoki Ndung’u at one time conspired to go for strike,which paralyzed the court’s operations for about two weeks.

The former CJ also refuted claims by the two judges that their decision to go on strike in 2015 was agreed upon by all of them.

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He further accuses Justice Ndung’u of falsifying the proceedings of an October 6, 2015 meeting of then Supreme Court judges.

“The said letter (notifying the withdrawal of services by a section of Supreme Court judges) was not authorised by a collective decision of the Supreme Court judges, and ought to be treated as the sole work of the three signatories to the said letter”,Mutunga said as quoted by The Daily Nation.

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The falsified minutes was also signed by Justice Mohammed Ibrahim but who later withdrew his signature of actualizing the strike.

Dr Mutunga’s affidavit is in relation to the consolidated petitions 218 and 204 of 2016 by Justice Justice Ndung’u and former Law Society of Kenya (LSK) CEO Apollo Mboya respectively.

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