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Kalonzo Changes His Mind

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka on Monday changed his mind and decided to back Raila Odinga in dismissing calls by foreign envoys to recognize Uhuru Kenyatta’s presidency.

Just a day after NASA leader Raila Odinga dismissed envoys’ pleas, Mr Musyoka had spoken with a contrary opinion.

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The NASA deputy leader had earlier on called upon the Opposition coalition to deliberate on the matter before they could conclusively respond to the envoys.

Kalonzo now seem to have made up his mind not to recognize Uhuru Kenyatta’s legitimacy.

He said the envoys cannot force leaders to recognize a regime whose leadership was gotten through electoral injustices.

He further indicated National Resistance Movement(NRM) is a people-driven agenda whose ideology is embedded in the hearts of its supporters.

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“Forcing them to recognise an illegitimate regime will be futile, since the leaders cannot dictate to their supporters on what to do or not.”He said as quoted by The Star.

“NASA and NRM is an idea which is in the minds and hearts of our people. Even if you force Raila and me to recognise Uhuru, you can’t force the supporters.”

Kalonzo made the comments while addressing Wiper supporters from Mavoko Constituency who paid him a courtesy call at Wiper offices in Lavington.

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On Sunday, 11 envoys in Kenya led by US Ambassador Robert Godec asked Raila to recognize Uhuru as the legitimately elected head of state.

They said this would form a basis for initiating dialogue which many Kenyans are looking forward to.

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