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What Obama’s Sister Said on Citizen TV that Got Kenyans Angry

The former US President Barrack Obama’s sister Auma Obama has attracted the anger of Kenyans on social media after remarks she made on a live television programme.

In remarks that scores have deemed patronising and condescending, Auma chastised Kenyans for their give-me mentality which she said needed to stop.

She called on them to pay more attention to what they can do for themselves instead of what Obama could do for them.

”People are a little impatient… What I want to ask Kenyans: In the time that Obama has been president what have you done? What have you done to make a difference in your country, in your life, in your community? You cannot sit and wait for Obama,” she said.

The strong words have not sat well with many people.

Here is what the residents of Northern Kenyan had to say about Auma Obama’s words.

”Well, I think it was very unfortunate that she said what she said on live TV. It was very condescending,” Jamila Kassim said.

”The impression created is that we Kenyans don’t like to work but like to be helped. That is very, very wrong,” Rahma Aden said.

”She should apologise to Kenyans for generalised remarks,” Taib Moge said.

”To an extent, I think she had a point. There is no need of getting angry at what she said,” Suneka Nadhif said.

”I felt very angry watching that interview. We have been doing well as a country even without Obama. What is she talking about,” Salad Ibrahim said.

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