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Kenyans Online Savagely React to Uhuru’s Statement On Chris Musando’s Brutal Murder

Kenyans on social media did not measure their words as they reacted to a statement President Uhuru Kenyatta jolted down on his official social media timelines.

The President issued a statement on Tuesday,1st August on the brutal murder of IEBC director of ICT Christopher Musando.

The statement came a day after deafening silence from the government on the matter.

….We are all deeply shocked and saddened by the murder of Chris Msando and Caro Ngumbu. I join in prayer with their families, and of every Kenyan of good will.Let our prayer direct our action…“,said President Uhuru on a post he shared on Facebook.

Most Kenyans did not take the statement lightly and were quick to express all manner of emotions on President Uhuru’s page and timeline.

Here are a sample of Kenyan’s reply to President Uhuru’s statement;

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