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Kethi Kilonzo Points Out the only Mistake Raila made in Quest for Justice

Renowned lawyer Kethi Kilonzo has now pointed out the greatest mistake she believes National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga made in the course of his pursuit for electoral reforms.

Penning her opinion on The Sunday Standard , Ms Kilonzo indicated that Mr Odinga made a big mistake by agreeing to be sworn in as the People’s President.

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Daughter of the late politician ,Mutula Kilonzo,was of the opinion that the swearing-in ceremony was an extra-legal strategy that can never be used to defeat a a rogue State that uses its powers, within and outside the law, to silence political dissent.

According to Kethi,the events of January and February 2018 have remarkably similar characteristics as the 1982 coup .

In the 1982 event,it was allowed to happen by the then Head of State Daniel Arap Moi but was unconstitutional and was frustrated by the state machinery.

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She further observed that, just like the 1982 event, the current crackdown was likely to take place following the oath taking  ceremony.

 “The arrest and deportation of Miguna Miguna, the arrest and charging of MP TJ Kajwang, and the cancellation of the passports of opposition figures are carefully orchestrated to test the waters,”read part of her publication.

In a nutshell,she called upon the Opposition to use of the Constitution and the law to seize power from the current regime ,since law reform was the only tool that succeeded in taking power from the hands of KANU and former President Moi.

“The Jubilee government is following Kanu’s script..Like the period after the 1982 attempted coup, the only level playing field for the Opposition is within the Constitution and the law. Outside, the bully that is every State in the world will beat them into submission.”She concluded.

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