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Lead detective in NYS case Reveal Details of His Relationship with Ngiritas

The lead investigator in the National Youth Service (NYS) scandal,Chief Inspector Mike Kingoo Muia(pictured above), has confirmed that he was friends with the Ngiritas but denied doing business with them.
This comes after he was been removed from the case and his junior has taken over following damning claims by Jeremiah Gichina Ngirita who implicated the officer of making business dealings with the family and more so, making sexual advances on his sister, Anne Ngirita.

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In a replying affidavit dated May 11, Muia said his friend, Sammy Kioko, a businessman in Naivasha, had introduced him to Mr Gichina Ngirita in 2013.

“I started seeing him and he also became my friend and also Macharia Kimani, Lucas Mugwe and Kariuki Anthony. We became so close that he even visited my rural home thrice,” he stated in the affidavit seen by The Standard.

Borrow money 

“As friends, we could borrow money among ourselves and Jeremiah Gichini Ngirita used to give us cheques to deposit after a period we had agreed on,” he added.

But Muia denied having any business relations with Ngirita, or being a partner at Jerrycathy Enterprises.

“This can be confirmed by the certificate of registration number 442082 dated May 17, 2006, as a sole proprietor,” Muia said in his affidavit.

Muia said immediately he realised Ngirita’s company was under investigation, he informed the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and a team of detectives he was leading.
Muia, who swore the affidavit that saw the suspects denied bail by a Nairobi magistrate and remanded in prison, has been sent to Kiganjo Police Training College for further training as he eyes promotion to the rank of Senior Superintendent.

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