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Miguna Addresses Sonko in His New Heated Response

Lawyer Miguna Miguna has broken his silence on his nomination to fill the position of Nairobi deputy governor.

Through his Twitter handle,the fiery lawyer denied knowledge of his nomination and said he has never spoke or been in contact with Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko since last year’s gubernatorial debate in July.

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While addressing the Nairobi Governor by tagging him in his tweet,Miguna stated that we will not comment on his supposed nomination,terming it as cheap propaganda.

This is even after Nairobi County Assembly speaker,Beatrice Elachi confirmed receipt of the letter from the Governor’s office.

Earlier on Thursday, Miguna had told a local TV station that he was not aware of anything that was going on in regard to the “alleged nomination by Sonko” but outrightly failed to agree or disagree with the nomination.

In a follow up tweet,Miguna stated,i quote;

“Primitive accumulation of wealth and trappings of power such as money, large tracts of land, chase cars, first class air tickets, carpets or bodyguards don’t impress me. Truth, logic, integrity and social justice do. Viva!”Miguna tweeted.

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