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How Millie Odhiambo reacted to Supreme Court judgment

As National Super Alliance (Nasa) team exploded in ecstasy after the decision of the Supreme Court, Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo was on “cloud nine”.

Upon exiting the Supreme Court,Millie threw away her lawyer’s robe and tossed herself on the ground in front of the controversial statue of the little naked boy holding a fish.

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With tears in her eyes,she rose and confessed: “I had promised the Lord that I would lie prostrate on the ground in front of the Supreme Court.”

As she celebrated the ruling in a way she deemed fit, other lawyers were singing and dancing outside the Supreme Court.

After the ruling,the NASA leader Raila Odinga emerged from the corridors of power, charging the singing crowds into a fresh round of frenzy as he made his way to the podium.

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After thanking the judges for their ruling and condemning the electoral agency, Raila and his team headed to the Kenyatta International Convention Centre grounds.



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