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‘Miracle Baby’ Pastor, Gilbert Deya, Sent To Kamiti Maximum Prison.He Can’t Be Trusted

Controversial pastor, Gilbert Deya,65,has been extradited to Kenya and was arraigned in court and pleaded not guilty to five charges of child trafficking.

This is after his appeal over the extradition request by a UK court was rejected.

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Gilbert Deya has been on the list of the most wanted persons after being alleged to have stolen five Kenyan kids between 1999 and 2004.

He has, however, been remanded at Kamiti Maximum Prison until the 10th August when the court will rule on his bail application.

Deya asked the court,through his lawyers, to release him on bail pleading that he isn’t a flight risk and will abide by whatever decision the court comes up with.

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“He is a resident of Bondo and has a family in the country. He is an archbishop who has 36,000 members in London alone. The accused is not a flight risk,” said Deya’s lawyers,as reported by Citizen TV.


The court was informed that Mr.Deya has been fighting the extradition process for the past 12 years.

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However, the prosecution rejected the application to have Deya released on bail saying that he can’t be trusted.



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