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MOSES Kuria Finally Speaks About The Post and the Picture he Posted on Chris Msando

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has finally broken the silence on Chis Msando’s murder case and he has insisted he owes nobody an explanation over his Facebook post about the demise of the former IEBC director of ICT.

Through a phone interview with The Standard Newspaper,Moses Kuria arrogantly said social media users are not police officers and would not buckle to their pressure to explain the circumstance under which he was seen taking a picture with Chris Musando’s car which was parked outside TRM Mall,Roysambu Estate.

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On Monday,eyebrows were raised after the controversial Gatundu MP posted a picture he took of himself pointing at the vehicle belonging to the the late Chris Musando.

“I owe nobody any explanations. The media and social media are not part of the police and I refuse to be dragged into this political circus.

It will be an exercise in futility… what will happen after explaining myself to you?”  Kuria said as quoted by The Standard yesterday.

In the post that he has since pulled down,Kuria alleged Msando was in a company of a woman “enjoying” himself.But what angered many Kenyans,and even causing intense speculation is that Musando was found murdered alongside a woman.

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The coincidence was too much for Kenyans on social media to take.

The despicable murder of Msando had taken a political angle, with the opposition reaping political mileage from the matter.


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