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Moses Kuria Reveal The List Goodies Kalonzo Musyoka was allegedly Offered By Jubilee Last Week

Controversial Gatundu south MP,Moses Kuria, has finally come out of his hide out but with defamatory claims directed towards Wiper Party leader,Kalonzo Musyoka.

According to Moses Kuria,a lucrative deal was offered to the NASA co-principal by the ruling party.

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Taking to his Facebook page,Kuria alleged that Musyoka was offered a number of state jobs for him and his tribesmen in order to ditch the National Super Alliance (NASA) for Jubilee Party.He however highlighted that Musyoka turned down the offer.

Below is what Moses Kuria claimed;

“Dear Kalonzo Musyoka. Mt Kenya will never lie low. Take that to the bank. And you will never go back to feeding Akambas with dog meat. Jubilee will liberate them. Stop your bile and bitterness. Last week we offered you 6 cabinet secretaries, 15 PS’s, 50 Chairmen and 50 CEOs of parastatals and 30 ambassadors for Kamba professionals. You selfishly refused. Now prepare for 5 more years in the opposition”



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