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Mother’s Emotional Message To Her Cute Daughter Who Perished at Moi Girls Fire

Via ndungu nyoro

Her daughter was among the students who perished after the MOI GIRLS fire accident. This is what NACHAMI LEMERELLE had to say…

“My Angel, My precious jewel, perfect gift sent from heaven and now taken back to heaven. I LOVE you, I TREASURE you, I MISS you. God gave me the best child, the most beautiful girl in the whole world, the most obedient, most loving, kind, caring…………….

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I will forever cherish our moments together! Jey baby I shared my dreams with you, I mentioned to you all my heart desires but you know what my princess all those desires are now behind my back. I now have only ONE desire; TO GO TO HEAVEN because I know that’s where you are and because I want to see you again, pray for me I come to heaven and reunite with you my only daughter. RIP my Princess till we meet again!”

Oh Lord..

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