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Ms Akombe Says Her Life Is In Danger After What Happened To Her Younger Brother

A younger brother of IEBC official Dr Roselyn Akombe had to go through the agony of traveling by road from Nairobi to Namanga,Tanzania, after receiving several threatening messages believed to be targeted at his older sister.

According to Ms Akombe,the young man-whose name is withheld for obvious reasons- his wife and three children fled the country through the Namanga border point on September 5 following weeks of persistent threats on his life by unknown people in what is believed to be a broader plot to intimidate her (Akombe) and fellow commissioners.

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“He left the country last week when the threats became too much,” Ms Akombe confided to the Daily Nation in an exclusive interview.

Dr Akombe,however,did not mention anybody she suspects but maintained the threats directed at her brother were intended to subdue her.

“He is a man who loves this country and had always resisted our attempts to get him something to do abroad.  I feel responsible for it. It feels bad but what can you do about it?” Akombe added as quoted by The Daily Nation.

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The 34year old man,who worked in one of the government ministries, deliberately avoided flying via the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) and instead resorted to travel by road to Namanga , before crossing the border to Tanzania.

He eventually landed in his destination country a week later, after passing through five countries.

Responding to Akombe’s claims, Inspector- General of Police Joseph Boinnet told the Nation that he was not aware of the incident.

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