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Mutahi Ngunyi’s Response to Uhuru-Raila Pact

Renown political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has finally come to the defense of National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga over his decision to make peace with President Uhuru Kenyatta,and given his reason he believes could be why Mr Odinga tagged his daughter along to the crucial meeting at Harambee House.

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In his weekly show dubbed the Fifth Estate,Mr Ngunyi, together with his team of young scholars from the Fort Hall School of Government ,opined that the move by Mr Odinga was the right one.

“I have not defended Raila for three years now but today I have no choice. Those attacking him for meeting Uhuru are political vultures and we know them. They have hovered over Raila’s head waiting for him to die politically so that they can feed on his carcass.

“But Raila has outsmarted them. Now they are asking for an all-inclusive dialogue yet the country knows that if Raila is in the dialogue, the dialogue is all-inclusive. Raila is actually the dialogue,”Ngunyi said.

Though the Uhuru-Raila pact has been criticized by co-NASA principals Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula ,who have expressed their displeasure for not being consulted, Mr Ngunyi observed that the former Premier was not obliged to inform them about the meeting since,according to him,he’s far much superior than them

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“But there is another unspoken truth in NASA. All NASA principals are equal but one principal is more equal than the others. This principal met with Uhuru Kenyatta and his deal with Uhuru Kenyatta is final. There will be no more dialogue it is finished,” he said.

However, Ngunyi questioned the talks remarking that it could be betrayal ploy.

“Raila has gone to Uhuru because he is looking for a new person to use. The question we need to ask is: who is cheating who in this constellation?” he posed.

Why Raila tagged his daughter along

Winnie and his father Raila Odinga | Photo Courtesy

Mr Ngunyi and his young scholars further added that the Uhuru-Raila pact could also be a scheme by the Opposition leader to push his daughter Winnie to the presidential race in future.

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“Raila is only interested in two things. One he is afraid of Ruto becoming president. Two, the Odinga family has invested a total of 100 years on their political heritage. 

“And Raila made peace with Uhuru because of Winnie Odinga. She will become president after Ruto and that is why Winnie is the only important person Raila took to Harambee house on Friday,” the analyst said

Ngunyi,however,cautioned Mr Kenyatta that adopting Odinga to his Government could be a detrimental move. He theorized that the former Prime Minister might use the opportunity to destroy his Jubilee Party.

Here is a full video of the same;

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