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You are Not My Type..I Go Out With Mature Men-Passaris To Duale

Nairobi Woman Rep Esther Passaris has lashed out at Garissa Town MP Aden Duale, referring to him as boy toy.

“Duale is younger than me. I don’t go out with boy toys, I go out with mature men”,a vexed Passaris said.

Their spat began when Passaris went to Parliament and Duale, the Majority Leader, asked that she greets him.However,Passaris told him she couldn’t greet men who disrespect NASA leader Raila Odinga

Passaris was referring to the way Duale dared Mr Odinga to evict the IEBC from office ahead of the repeat polls.

“Raila kama wewe ni mwanaume kuja utoe IEBC. Ukitoa IEBC tutatoa wale ma commissioner ambayo tunajua ni watu wako. Wamekaa kwa kila commission kuanzia Judicial Service Commission…”

Passaris then scoffed at Duale questioning his age, level of education and upbringing.

“Can someone please tell me how old this man is? What’s his level of education? What’s his upbringing? What does he consume? I don’t get him,” she said.

In a quick rejoinder ,The Majority leader replied to Passaris,”i am 50 yrs old, with decent humble Islamic upbringing, went to national schools and known universities, married to a decent wife with five sons. That’s Aden Duale. Am sorry I have no space (sic).”

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Duale added that Passaris should know that he is not part of her job,despite being a Woman Representative with powers to legislate, oversight and represent.

“After you undergo the 12th Parliament orientation next week, we can then have a parliamentary leaders discourse. I am not ready for anything else.”

Nairobi gubernatorial candidate Miguna Miguna, also joined the heated thread, claiming Duale is a failure who only got so far in politics, thanks to his father-in-law.

“Stop lying @HonAdenDuale. You failed flat in high school; never attended “university;” & was only rescued by your father-in-law. I keep tabs.” Tweeted Miguna.


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