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NTV Fires Ken Mijungu.Here is Why

Details have emerged that Nation media Group based TV station,NTV, has fired its senior news anchor.

Popular journalist,Ken Mijungu, who was inline to take over from Larry Madowo as host of the Sidebar show, was shown the door after lodging a case with the Human Resource Department.

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His Sidebar promotion,shared on social media 2 days ago,was pulled off air as a result.

“I have not yet resigned and if I have been fired I haven’t been notified yet,” Ken Mijungu told a popular online magazine on Thursday.

“All things said and done you have to acknowledge that the course of things can change but as for now am preparing to go live on air,” he stated .

He further confirmed that he had lodged a complaint with the HR department but he declined to disclose details of the complaint.

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Sources privy to the matter at the station confided to that leadership wrangles are to blame for Mijungu’s predicament.

The Acting Managing Editor Muraya Kariuki has been a persistent cause of frustration to most journalists at the station.

“He has been reported several times by at least six reporters including anchors but nothing has materialized,”the source disclosed in anonymity.

“The editor does not have soft skills and he is a bully to almost everyone in the station,” he indicated.

It is also claimed that he is the reason why many journalists and reporters have opted out of NMG.

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It is also said Nimrod Taabu left the station due to increased strained relationship with the management.

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