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Nyong’o wants 12M Inauguration money given to Baby Pendo’s family & other Police brutality victims

Kisumu Governor elect, Anyang Nyong’o has rejected 12 million shillings set aside for his inauguration ceremony and

has asked the organizers to channel that money to the families that were victimized by police during post-elections protests in Kisumu.

The ceremony was going to cost the county government 12 million but the Professor believe it can be cut-down to 1 million or less.

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Nyong’o said the money should be used to cover the medical bills for the protesters who were brutalized and to families caught in the crossfire (like parents to the late baby Samantha Pendo ).

According to Audi Ogada, Kisumu Residents Voice Association chairman 14 of 47 people were shot and injured.

Nerry Achar, Nyong’o’s campaign manager has said that the 1 million will cater for transport, water and sodas.

“The venue is ours so Nyong’o felt we should not waste it because it is not necessary to spend Sh12 million,” the manager said.

He added that the budget was given to the county Devolution ministry by the transition committee.

Charity Ngilu, Mike Sonko and Hassan Joho have also cut down budgets allocated for their swearing-in ceremony.

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