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Peter Kenneth’s Response on Becoming Nairobi Deputy Governor

[Featured Image-Peter Kenneth during a past press conference. Photo Courtesy]

Former Nairobi Gubernatorial seat aspirant Peter Kenneth has broken his silence on the ongoing debate on the nomination of Canadian-based lawyer Miguna Miguna as Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s deputy.

Kenneth ,who has been away from the limelight since last years General Election, began his message on Twitter by wishing the Muslim community happy Ramadhan.

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“I wish you and your family a blessed Ramadhan Karim. May you find peace and happiness in this Holy Month.”Peter Kenneth tweeted on Thursday.

Following the message, one of his followers inquired whether he would accept the position of the Deputy Governor were it to be offered to him.

 “Would you take the position of D.Governor if offered?”The user posed.

In his response,however, Kenneth indicated he would “not” accept such as offer.

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One user reached out to Mr Kenneth asking him to stand up and exercise alternative leadership that Kenya desires

Here was his answer;

Another user pleaded with Kenneth to take up the Deputy Governor role;

 :”my old friend you should have taken the Nairobi governor position.”

Kenneth clarified that he is busy engaged with other commitments.

Having turned down the possibility of working with the embattled Sonko,he promised another user that we would most likely make a come back in 2022.

“We need your leadership come 2022.”User by the name Ben Karume pleaded.

In his response,Kenneth said:“God willing”

Nairobi Governor ,on Thursday night,took Kenyans by surprise after nominating lawyer Miguna Miguna,who was the least expected person for the vacant Nairobi Deputy Governor position.

Governor Sonko’s choice has been met with a lot of resistance,especially from hi party member.

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja termed Sonko’s nomination a joke and even vowed that Miguna will not ,by all means,get approved.

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“Miguna will not become the Deputy Governor of Nairobi. Take that to the bank,” Sakaja tweeted.

It will be interesting to see whether Sonko would consider Peter Kenneth among the people he would nominate if Miguna’s name does not go through.

It should be noted that Sonko and Kenneth had fragile ties before last year’s Gubernatorial election when he decided to vie against him.

Their relationship worsened when Kenneth went for the Jubilee ticket,the same ticket Sonko was eyeing.

However,in the spirit of ‘handshake’,anything is possible at this point.

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