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Photos Showing Discrepancy between Form 34A vs the Results Shown at the IEBC Portal Go Viral

There was a minor discrepancy between the results displayed on  IEBC’s poll results portal and those on form 34A in Bokimonge Ward,kisii, if the screenshots doing rounds on social media are anything to go by.

According to the form 34A,Uhuru Kenyatta garnered 188 votes while Raila got 165 votes whereas the results on IEBC portal showed Uhuru Kenyatta the same 188 votes while Raila Odinga’s votes were reduced to 115 votes.

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The uproar on social media by NASA supporters come after NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga rejected the results relaid by IEBC on their portal as null and void.

Whether the photos are authentic or manipulated to cause alarm on social media is a subject of debate since they are yet to verified.

DISCLAIMER:Mkenya Forums could NOT independently verify the authenticity of the above claims.

Below are the screenshots,courtesy of Facebook;


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