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Why Politicians are Ditching Raila For Uhuru-Mutahi Ngunyi

Renown political commentator Prof Mutahi Ngunyi has given his opinion on why he thinks politicians are switching their allegiance from NASA leader  Raila Odinga to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In his weekly analysis, together with his team of young African scholars from the Fort Hall School of Government, Prof Ngunyi said that nowadays,politicians are rented and not bought,and since Mr Odinga is running out of cash,he has been unable to afford to continue renting the defecting politicians.

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“If Raila is borrowing campaign money from poor peasants it means he doesn’t have the cash to pay the rented politicians and this is why they are leaving him one by one,” the young scholars explained.

“No finance, no romance. People tend to gravitate towards a winner not a gambler like Raila,” the team added.

Mr Mutahi and his critiques made their observations in reference to the surprising decision by ex-bomet Governor Isaac Ruto to ditch Raila Odinga for President Uhuru.

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Ngunyi’s sentiments also come in the wake of another last-minute switch of allegiance by NASA’s sixth principal,Peter Munya from NASA to Jubilee.

Below is the video,courtesy of Youtube/The 5th Estate:

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