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RAILA’s Decision Not To Recognize Uhuru’s Presidency Receives Major Backing

NASA leader, Raila Odinga’s decision to dismiss calls by foreign envoys ,who asked him to recognizes Uhuru Kenyatta as a legitimate President, has received a major backing from former Presidential candidate, Prof. James Ole Kiyapi.

Prof Kiyiapi told off the envoys indicating that the interventions were unwelcome as they did not offer the desired outcomes for the Kenyan people.

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“Let Kenyans navigate through their own issues. We are tired of interventions that do NOT FUNDAMENTALLY change our governance matrix!” his statement read.

Raila gave the non-acceptance statement on Sunday to the envoys stating that they had no right to meddle in Kenyan affairs.

“Western envoys are primarily about interests of their countries and therefore notimpartial arbiters of the Kenyan political situation.” Ole Kiyiapi indicated.

The 11 envoys seemed to reprimand the Opposition Chief Raila Odinga following the controversial swearing in ceremony held at Uhuru Park on January 30th.

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“A father of multi-party democracy has made unsubstantiated claims about elections and unilaterally sworn himself as“President”, in deliberate disregard of the Constitution for which he so proudly fought.” the envoys indicated in reference to Mr Odinga.


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