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Raila, Kalonzo Differ on Envoys’ Demands to Recognize Uhuru as President

Just a day after NASA leader Raila Odinga dismissed envoys who asked the Opposition to recognize Uhuru Kenyatta as President, his deputy leader Kalonzo Musyoka has also spoken with a contrary opinion.

Kalonzo said the issues raised by the foreign envoys in Kenya were weighty and required deliberation by the Opposition coalition.

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“This is a matter we have to deliberate on. I can’t conclusively respond to this now,” said Kalonzo.

However, Makueni senator Mutula Kilonzo Jnr differed with his party leader questioning why the envoys were making demands and at the same time indicating their intention to broker negotiations.

“In negotiations, the arbiter remains neutral. They cannot issue demands to either side,” said Mutula.

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On Sunday, NASA leader Raila Odinga asked the US envoy Mr Robert Godec and 10 others to keep off Kenyan politics since they have been coy in addressing issues such as electoral reforms.

“Stop the hypocrisy. We know you are just interested in trade so that you can loot the country and stash the resources in your own countries,” said Odinga.

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