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Raila Odinga Jr’s Reaction to His Father’s Surprising Truce With Uhuru

Kenyans have welcomed the truce between President Uhuru Kenyatta and National Super Alliance(NASA) with mixed reactions.
While a section of Kenyans supported the move saying it maybe the end to the political crisis or divisive politics that have gripped the country, some saw it as Odinga’s betrayal to his supporters and co- NASA principals.

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Using trending hashtags like #HarambeeHouse, #Raila,#Kenyatta and #UhuruRailaTalks, Kenyans freely expressed their opinions on Twitter.
Among those who reacted to the unexpected news was none other than his son Raila Odinga Junior,who,needless to mention,has been actively involved in politics in the recent past.

Raila Junior,like many Kenyans,was taken by surprise by his father’s unexpected decision to meet The Head of State for a meeting at Harambee House.He never saw it coming

Minutes after media reported about the meeting,he expressed his lack of words for the abrupt development.

“What ?? Eish no words,”Odinga Junior said in a Tweet.


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Here are some reactions from Kenyans on Raila Odinga Jr’s lack of words about the meeting;

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