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Raila’s secret plan to ‘overthrow’ Uhuru

Details have emerged that a relentless Raila Odinga plans to subject President Uhuru Kenyatta to yet another grueling referendum in his final attempt to seize power from him.

Even after taking oath as people’s president last week, Odinga will embark on a series of rallies that will culminate into a plebiscite.

Just to begin with,NASA will hold six rallies in the run-up to a national convention at the end of the month in its response to the government’s crackdown on key players in Raila Odinga’s symbolic swearing-in ceremony as the people’s president.

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 “There are many options but we must surely go for a referendum. Time has come for rotational presidency, additional executive posts and strong devolved systems.

“Through that, we shall move around the country and ensure the referendum goes to our side,” said one of top ODM lawyers,who spoke in confidence.

At the end of the rallies, Nasa said its delegates will converge in Nairobi at the end of February for the national convention.

Strategist David Ndii had earlier hinted a referendum by August  that would precipitate a new presidential election.

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“The resolutions of the convention will be validated by people through a referendum and this would culminate into presidential elections,'” Ndii told The East African Magazine.

“Our goal is to see the people’s assembly process culminate in a presidential election under a new electoral regime no later than August 2018.”

In the referendum push, NASA is dangling the carrot of a rotational presidency, an expanded Executive with the option of a prime minister, and a strong devolved system.

The coalition is also proposing the strengthening of the Judiciary and reforms to the police service.

What remains unclear ,however, is whether that referendum and the new demand to have a fresh election by August 2018 will go together.

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