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Revolt Brewing Within The Police?Senior Officer Speaks After Miguna Saga

Details have emerged that some senior police officers have been complaining that they were setting a bad precedent by heeding their bosses directives to disobey court orders.

According to the Standard Digital Entertainment (SDE) ,Senior officers seem worried about what Kenyans, and the courts in particular will think of their actions given the events of the past weekend involving media and National Resistance Movement (NRM) General Miguna Miguna.

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“We are the law enforcers and are supposed to go to courts to seek orders on various issues. Some of our bosses are drunk with power. They will rush to the same courts when they are aggrieved. It is a shame,” confided one of the officers to SDE.

Another officer claimed some people in the Executive were behind the contravention and expressed fears that Kenyans might soon retaliate by following suit.

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 “The Inspector General has not commented on the blatant disregard of court orders in the wake of the media clampdown, “said the officer.

The police happen to be members of the society who are accorded unwarranted respect,especially in a gathering, but this was not the case for a senior official of a State agency, who wished that attention had not been drawn to his presence at a burial ceremony in his rural home area.

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Upon Mention of the embattled man’s name before a hundreds of mourners saw the articulate officer jeered and booed, with some people even threatening to whisk him out of the ceremony.

There were shouts of “wapi yeye” (where is he) from all directions.

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