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Sakaja Issues Bold Statement on Miguna’s Nomination as Sonko’s Deputy

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has stated that Canadian-based lawyer Miguna Miguna will not become the Deputy Governor of Nairobi County despite being nominated by Governor Mike Sonko.

Through his Twitter handle,the Nairobi Senator sounded so sure by telling his followers to take his prediction ‘to the bank’.

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“Miguna will not become the Deputy Governor of Nairobi. Take that to the bank,” he tweeted.

Miguna has been a fierce critic of President Uhuru Kenyatta and has never recognized him as the legitimately elected President of the Republic of Kenya.Senator Sakaja’s remarks might have been inspired by these.

Nonetheless,Miguna has always described the county boss as “unfit to hold public office”, whom,before the August 8th elections,vowed never to work with.

Therefore,there is no denying that if Miguna accepts Governor Sonko’s nomination,one of the biggest hurdles he might face is getting approved by the County Assembly.

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Speaking on Hot 96 FM on Thursday morning,Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi confirmed receipt of the letter indicating Miguna as Governor Sonko’s nominee for deputy governor position.

“The governor has given us a nominee. We will follow the law. The Constitution is clear that a deputy governor needs to be a Kenyan citizen.”She said.

“I would tell Miguna to first clear his issues with the Kenyan government. He is Canadian. That procedure can take us three to four months.”She added.

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