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Sossion Has A Message For Isaac Rutto After Ditching NASA For Jubilee

Former Bomet Governor Isaac Rutto’s decision to switch his allegiance to Jubilee has has been praised and loathed in equal measure by leaders and residents in the South Rift.

While some have termed the move as selfish political interests, others have hailed him, saying he has sacrificed for the sake of Kalenjin unity.

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Knut secretary general and nominated MP Wilson Sossion rebuked the Chama Cha Mashinani leader, saying from the moment he jumped ship and decided to back Jubilee, he lost his political clout.

“Elders blessed him and even bestowed him with some title as the Kipsigis spokesman, but now he has betrayed them…too bad for him,” Sossion told the Star Newspaper.

“What was the point of forming Chama Cha Mashinani, which was mainly to champion for more funds to the counties in the first place, if he knew he will abandon the course along the way?”

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He however stated Rutto’s decision will not in any way influence him to change his political stand.

“I’m a firm member of ODM and will not shift to any other party any time soon,” Sossion said as quoted by The Star.


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